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This service note describes how to perform the installation of the I/O board for NM Plus and PG Plus hydrogen generators.



The VICI DBS electrolysis cell is a Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) product. One of the characteristic of this technology is, that the cell, or, better, the membrane in the cell, must stay wet at any time. In case of complete dry out of the inner part of the cell, the membrane can be damaged and perform less Hydrogen afterwards. In most cases, this damage is not reversible and the cell need to be serviced.


2017/005 Freezing temperatures

Hydrogen generators and cells contains water. Cells can be damaged if temperature is below 0 °C.


2017/006 Removing of the transport tubing from hydrogen cells

This service note explains how to remove the transport tubing from hydrogen cell. Be careful not to damage the water connector. Leakage could occur.


2017/007 New water management NM-Plus, PG-Plus and HK-Plus

Several improvements have been implemented. All new generators are equipped with water pump and flow sensor. Gas Liquid separator and water pump are placed next to each other on the bottom and more easy accessible to maintain.

The water drain line is separated from the water circulation. Only 1 auto-refill kit is necessary per cascading system.


2017/009 FID-Station top cover

This service note informs about a change on the cassis. From S/N FNMX161215053 the top cover is split in two parts for easier service access.


2017/010 Auto-refill option

The auto refill option (P/N DB-PH200-109) gives the possibility to refill the internal water tank of the generator automatically from an external water source.  This Service note describes the p/n and the optional tubing kits for cascading system.


2017/012 I/O Board Remote control

This Manual describes how to use the I/O board. How to install the I/O board see Service note 2017/001.


2017/014 Routine maintenance for external water tank pump and circulation pump on FID station / FID tower and Rack

This Manual describes how to perform a routine maintenance on external water tank and circulation pump on FID station / FID tower and Rack generators.


2017/016 Virtual COM port (VCP) drivers for USB device

Virtual COM port (VCP) drivers cause the USB device to appear as an additional COM port available to the PC. Application software can access the USB device in the same way as it would access a standard COM port.

This Service note describes how to install the driver.


2017/017 Handling error message “Low int. pressure”

When the generator is started, the internal pressure of 11 bar needs to be built up. This pressure is monitored by a sensor on the dryer module. If the rate of increase is not within the tolerance as set in the firmware, the H2 production will be stopped and the error message “Low int. pressure” is shown.

There are 4 major sources for this problem:

  • defective Gas Liquid Separator

  • leak in the cell

  • defective dryer module

  • major leak in tubing & fittings


2017/019 New part number for electronic board kits for hydrogen generator

In the past, it had to be defined on the order for which hydrogen generator model the main board is used. To avoid some confusion and make the service easier new part numbers are created and the old one set to obsolete.


2017/021 New part number for hydrogen cell power cables

The red and black power cable to connect the cell and mainboard can be ordered now as separate spare parts.


2017/024 Water level detection on Rack and FID generators

At the beginning of 2017, VICI DBS have introduced next generation hydrogen cell technology featuring 100% titanium components. Additionally, we are also using now full titanium for both electrodes (anode and cathode). The effect is that the quality of the water inside of the instrument is also much better means lower conductivity. The water detection system on some units may have an issue to measure the very low conductivity and the level of the internal tank. In this special condition, the filling pump is then not stopped and the water may overfill.

This service note describes how to modify generator when this condition presents itself so that it is possible to detect water conductivity down to 0.055µS/cm.


2018/001 Installation of PEM cell in hydrogen generator without water pump

There is a risk to damage the hydrogen PEM cell when the water inlet tubing is not correct installed after a cell replacement. This service note explains the correct installation of the water tubing.


Zero Air

2017/002 Reset “catalyst replacement warning” LED after Oven is replaced.

This service note describes how to reset the “catalyst replacement warning” LED on NGC and NGT boards.

The catalytic converter (catcon) has a limited lifespan and therefore needs replacement after 3 years of operation (please see the operation manual). As a reminder to the operator, the generator will display a warning message “Catalyst life alarm”, when the life of the catcon is exceeded. The red external “check system” LED begins to flash. From this time on, the operator has 60 days to replace the catcon. When this time expires, the control board disables the system.


2017/003 Mainboard replacement on GC- and GT-1500

From the beginning of 2013 we have changed the mainboard for Air Generators.

This caused a non-retrofit compatibility for GC1500 and GT1500 model below serial numbers.


2017/015 New part numbers for mainboards

In the past it had to be defined on the order for which zero air generator model the board is used. To avoid some confusion and make the service easier new part numbers are created and the old one set to obsolete.


2017/025 Error codes

The LED on the front shows the status of the instrument. In case of an error the motherboard has a

small single-number display used to indicate an identifying code.






Hydrogen cascading configurator


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